Innagadadavida's Project Portfolio

Did You Know Gaming is a weekly video series with over 2 million subscribers from around the globe. Each episode centers around one video game or franchise and presents trivia focusing on that franchise. Series that have been covered include: Super Mario, Pokemon, Team Fortress 2, Five Nights at Freddy's and many more. Each video is narrated by a popular internet personalities including Jon Jafari of JonTron, Arin Hanson of Game Grumps, and Markiplier from YouTube. Innagadadavida serves as a regular contributor to Did You Know Gaming, in addition to narrating a handful of episodes, he has edited over ninety videos for the channel. The following are samples of videos edited by Innagadadavida.

Additionally Innagadadavida has served as script writer for over thirty-five episodes for the channel. The following videos were written by Innagadadvida.

Guitar Hero - Did You Know Gaming - Written by Innagadadavida Super Smash Bros. - Did You Know Gaming - Written by Innagadadavida Mega Man Legends - Did You Know Gaming - Written by Innagadadavida

More detailed selection of Did You Know videos by Innagadadavida

Did You Know Movies is an official spin-off series of Did You Know Gaming, posted regularly on Film Theorists' YouTube channel. Film Theorists, with over 3 million subscribers, is a spin-off of the extremely popular Game Theorists (7 million subscribers) YouTube channel created by influential YouTube celebrity MatPat. Innagadadavida has contributed to the Film Theorists channel as a writer for the following Did You Know Movies videos.

Super Mario's Failed Movie Career - Did You Know Movies? - Written by Innagadadavida

Kind Soundwaves is an experimental podcast that is released at irregular intervals. The show features a variety of media including music, comedy, and speeches. There are also original interviews by Innagadadavida cut into segments. The interviews focus on prominent Internet personalities as well as friends and acquaintances of the host. A sample of Kind Soundwaves (YouTube version) can be found below. The show is also available on iTunes Podcast directory.

Kind Soundwaves with Innagadadavida Kind Soundwaves with Innagadadavida - WeeklyTubeShow - Remix Kind Soundwaves with Innagadadavida - Kanzenshuu - VegettoEX

Nostalgia Trip is a daily videogame Let's Play channel on YouTube. The channel posts a new 10-minute video every day comprised of raw gameplay footage overlaid with commentary by the players. Hosts Innagadadavida, DumpStat, and Scary Terry, play a selection of popular videogames from the past and provide their a modern point of view. The channel also has occasional special videos, such as the Super Smash Election 2016, which had a viral run, shared on popular gaming blogs like

Nostalgia Trip - SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Super Smash Election 2016 Super Smash Election 2016