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Did You Know Gaming is a weekly video series with over 2 million subscribers from around the world. Each episode focuses on one video game or franchise and presents an assortment of trivia facts about it. Series that have been covered include: Super Mario, Pokemon, Team Fortress 2, Five Nights at Freddy's and many more. Each video is narrated by a popular internet personalities including Jon Jafari of JonTron, Arin Hanson of Game Grumps, and Markiplier from YouTube. Innagadadavida serves as a regular contributor to Did You Know Gaming, in addition to narrating a handful of episodes, he has edited over ninety videos for the channel. The following are samples of videos edited by Innagadadavida.

Metroid - Did You Know Gaming - Edited by Innagadadavida PlayStation 2 - Did You Know Gaming - Edited and Written by Innagadadavida Deus Ex - Did You Know Gaming - Edited by Innagadadavida

Innagadadavida has also served as a script writer for over thirty-five episodes on the channel. The following videos were written by Innagadadvida.

Guitar Hero - Did You Know Gaming - Written by Innagadadavida Super Smash Bros. - Did You Know Gaming - Written by Innagadadavida Mega Man Legends - Did You Know Gaming - Written by Innagadadavida

More detailed selection of Did You Know Gaming? videos by Innagadadavida

TeamFourStar is an internet-based entertainment production company notable for creating abridged parodies of various animated series. Their most popular series, Dragon Ball Z Abridged currently has episode views exceding 3 million on average on their YouTube channel. Innagadadavida collaborated with TeamFourStar in 2017 to produce a spin-off series known as Cell Vs. Each video had the DBZ Abridged version of the character Cell "fight" against characters from other popular TV shows and video games. Innagadadavida edited five episodes of the Cell Vs. mini-series and contributed as a writer for "Cell Vs. Kenshiro".

Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Cell Vs Yusuke - edited by Innagadadavida Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Cell Vs Yami Yugi - edited by Innagadadavida Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Cell Vs Kenshiro - written and edited by Innagadadavida
Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Cell Vs Light Yagami - edited by Innagadadavida Dragon Ball Z Abridged: Cell Vs Saitama & Genos - edited by Innagadadavida

Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Cell Vs on TeamFourStar's YouTube Channel

Kind Soundwaves is an experimental podcast created and edited by Innagadadavida. The show features a mosaic of mixed media including music, comedy, and speeches. It is comprised of a scrapbook-like assembly of clips placed among clips of original interviews by Innagadadavida. The interviews focus on an individual and his/her own creative projects. A sample of Kind Soundwaves (YouTube version) can be found below. The show is also available on iTunes Podcast directory.

Kind Soundwaves: Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged (LittleKuriboh) Kind Soundwaves: Dragon Ball Z Abridged (KaiserNeko) Kind Soundwaves: Kanzenshuu (VegettoEX)

Kind Soundwaves is on the following platforms: (YouTube) | (iTunes)

Did You Know Movies is an official spin-off series of Did You Know Gaming, posted regularly on Film Theorists' YouTube channel. Film Theorists, with over 3 million subscribers, is a spin-off of the extremely popular Game Theorists (7 million subscribers) YouTube channel created by influential YouTuber, MatPat. Innagadadavida has contributed to the Film Theorists channel as a writer, editor, and/or narrator for the following Did You Know Movies videos.

Super Mario's Failed Movie Career - Did You Know Movies? - Written by Innagadadavida SpongeBob: DEEPER Than You Thought - Did You Know Movies? - Written, Edited, and Narrated by Innagadadavida Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super - Did You Know Movies? - Written and Edited by Innagadadavida

More detailed selection of Did You Know Movies? videos by Innagadadavida

WeeklyTubeShow is a YouTube channel that first gained traction in 2006 with dubbed parody clips of the Japanese 1989 animated series Dragon Ball Z. Voice actor J.M. "Remix" Gotay began these projects in his spare time as a way to practice voice acting and writing. In 2008 Innagadadavida began working with Remix on the WeeklyTubeShow channel to edit those video clips. As the channel grew to nearly 100,000 subscibers, Remix and Innagadadavida expanded the content to include full abridged parodies. The most popular of which is Dub of the North Star, an abridged parody of the Japanese 1983 animated series Fist of the North Star. The WeeklyTubeShow channel also hosts original animation and How-To Tutorials for video editing.

Dub of the North Star - Ep. 1 (Written and Edited by Innagadadavida) Game Over for Piccolo - Dragon Dub Redux (Edited by Innagadadavida) How To Edit: TeamFourStar's [Cell Vs. Light] - Advanced Tutorial (by Innagadadavida)

Full WeeklyTubeShow YouTube Channel

Nostalgia Trip is a daily videogame Let's Play channel on YouTube. The channel posts a new 10-minute video every day comprised of raw gameplay footage overlaid with commentary by the players. Hosts Innagadadavida, DumpStat, and Scary Terry play a selection of popular videogames from the past and provide a modern point of view. The channel also has occasional special videos, such as the Super Smash Election 2016, which had a viral run, shared on popular gaming blogs like

Nostalgia Trip - Dragon Ball Z Legacy of Goku Nostalgia Trip - SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Super Smash Election 2016

Nostalgia Trip has a new 10-minute video posted every day!